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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas coming...

Now that I am done with the Christmas Markets, I started to decorate more of our home. My boys happily pointing out any new changes and we are making some extra craft after school in the kitchen with the smell of the pie and almond cookies. 

I made a wreath from moss and mushroom

Can you see that beautiful red teapot? I'got this at the ScanFair. My hearth skipped when I saw it!

Hearts hanging while we have our dinner together.

And then I dressed up some chairs :)

More moss and mushroom with my framed print to say Merry Christmas!

And then I come up with an unusual idea. Some of you will raise your eyebrows I think but hey It worked! :) Every year I buy a garland at Costco. I love them very much but it is so heavy that I have a hard time to decorate with it in out tiny home. So I collected what I had on our front lawn after the storm and started to sew it together. Yep you read it well I sew them together with my old sewing machine :)

and this is what I've got 

Here are some pictures from the German Market and the ScanFair

I hope you all have a great time to getting ready for the Christmas :)



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