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Friday, October 25, 2013

House from box

Boxes... My boys love them in every size and shape :) They make tunnels and all kinds of things out of it :) This time I helped them with a glue gun... It has a never ending options. We are still adding to it.

They love to add the details :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spooky window

This year I wanted to decorate a little different for Halloween then the last couple of years so I decided I'll go with the bright purple instead of orange.My vision was to have bright purple color coming from the window. But all the fabric I found in the store was little pricey to use it for only one time.So I went to the next craft store and I had the idea that I used couple of years ago to have a snow flakes on the window.I simply used the static of the wrapping foil to keep it on the window.No glue, nothing just the simple static from the gift wrapping foil :)

Now the black shadows can go on the window to create more spooky feeling :)


The best idea with this little ghost is that if you have a kiddo I am sure you have everything you need to make it :) It is made from simply glue .The base you put it on is a parchment paper and you just have to let it dry for about 2 days. You can draw easily on it and it's a fun project with kids. The original idea is coming from here .

First I just outlined the shape:

Then after couple of minutes I just filled it out 

After it's dry I carefully peeled it off:

October is for Halloween :)

October is here and friends dropping by for a spicy tea and my kids are very excited as we are slowly staring to decorate for Halloween.One of our first project for this holiday is half cute and half scary ( I don't like scary things very much I can jump from somebody sneezing behind me) .Here is the idea I saw on the internet  here  It was so easy and fast to make and I love the result :

 I've got some simple foam balls:

Then I just used a toothpick to keep the together:  

Sharpie for add the "look" :)