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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shows for the weekends

I had so much thing I wanted to post about this month but so little time :) I had a show last weekend and I will have more this weekend and the following one.I was framing all night to get ready and making fast trips to the printer company :) Here are some pictures about my last week :

framing till 1 clock, then everything turned blurry so I went to sleep :)


The German Market went so well it made me very giddy :)
I was really focused till 4 o'clock and then I brought the star what there were selling next to me...(can you blame me? :) It has a light inside even more beautiful then it looks on the picture.

So now as I am getting ready for the next show I am trying to come up with some display :)

And I picked up my cards too..

More pictures to come after the show :)

Happy Thanksgiving ! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Falling snow

I love snow!
 I do miss the snow here in Oregon. From the streets,trees and I miss looking at the snow on the roofs while they have the smoke coming out of their chimney. The material I used to make this snow fall is coming for my little 4 years old pompom obsession :) He was begging me at the store to get him this white pompoms.So he helped me with this project and we enjoyed it very much! :) Here is the result in pictures about our today project: 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Organizing and painting

             This week was about organizing my craft-drawing area and painting some pictures and orders:
  This picture is without my stuff :):) I am going trough what I'll keep and what to toss, slow process :D 

More stuff at this point on the table and a little invaders :)

They like to draw with me and I love when they are drawing with me.

                                                         Finally I put up my pin-board  :)


Getting into the winter spirit : 

Could't help it but some reason I had a bunch of summer-ish idea on my mind

and fruit :)  

and mother love when your kid is sick 

                                                                finding relaxation from nature:

Have a wonderful weekend ! :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Birthday and wrapping

One of my dear friend has a Birthday today and I painted something for her that reminds her to her roots where she grow up in Europe. I can't pick what is more fun the painting it self or making a wrapping part :)

To add a dimension to the flat wrapped picture frame I made a paper flower on the top.After it dried, I glue them together and then I bend it the pedals.   

Monday, November 4, 2013

Paintings and mural

Today I had to catch up with my paintings and that included my last mural in the boys room, orders to complete and some gifts to make for my friends.

I had to make something that reminded me for the warm weather :)

 in he forest...


and it's done :)

 and back to reality... winter is coming :)

Christmas gift idea 1.

I am trying to make gift with my own hands every year as much as possible instead of buying .There is a new level of challenge that my family is living far away so it is a great idea to have it flat and small to send it home:) With this little Christmas tree one of my favorite material , wood was used and I just had to paint it to red and add polka-dot on it:) What makes it more special this gift a card that has the same pattern to go with it :) Wrapping a present is so important this is the first thing to see and brings out the smile who ever gets the present :)