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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Night Lights

Okay I have to be honest with this project :) It was definitely out of my comfort zone but I have learned so much while crating this. First of all I had to paint something that was the opposite to what I am good at it: details. I had to clear my lines and paint animals I have never painted before:) I collaborated with  pampeana who has the same love toward nature and trying to reuse and create something environment friendly. All this nightlights are made from recycled old windows with a special technic. It has an on and off switch and includes the light bulbs too. 

Sneak-pick of the originals with other design:

Some of the designs has the same print and card so it can be given as a nice practical and environment friendly present. 

Soon I will be up with some Ester eggs painting pictures and other project I am working on!
Have a fun day!



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