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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drying leaf in minutes

One of my very favorite thing to do is collecting treasures (leafs,berries ,branches etc ) So as we walked in the park I had an idea (as I was looking my  older one's pants at the knees with the green grass spots on it) if I put green leaf between fabric and iron them maybe it would get the same green color.Nope it didn't but instead a figured out if I iron the leafs between two paper (low heat) it will be like it was between the heavy books for long time only it was made in minutes (fast is a key word for me :)

It is done ! :)

Boys' bedroom

The boys' bedroom

When my little one turned 3 years old they decided with my older one they want to sleep in a same room.We brought the two bed in to the room and there was literally no room for even turning around .We been looking for a bunk bed for while but we have not find what we want it .Then we thought a fence would do the job ( I was soo paranoid they will fall off and break their neck ) So we put the rail on the bed that is actually turned out a loft that way .
Here is the BEFORE shot of the room where we made the loft-bed for them :

One of them is sleeping on the left and the other one on the right 

 Than we entered to the Lego world and school. It was time to get a desk so we did the same thing with the desk as we did with the bed ..wall to wall..We got so much space for building Lego city and doing homework even we don't have any furniture on the floor :)

 I came up with a crazy idea to my husband (he is a contractor, poor thing he didn't know what have he gotten into himself to married me:) One room they where sleeping and the other kind of worked as a playroom -ish place.Between the two room on equal side we had a closet.Often when we were playing hide and seek we knocked on the wall to the other person in the other closet and that pretty much made job in my mind let's make a little door so they can go to the other room trough that little door .Then after starting the project another idea Hey if we are doing it let's do it big :) We knocked out the whole thing and we designed on both side a wall made out of plywood to cover the closet opening and create a fort inside with two level .So closet went out fort come in with an excess to go trough to the other room.It is actually turned out so big they can sleep there too .Two kids upper level 2 kiddos on the bottom plus the loft ..We are definitely planing a sleepover soon :D 

bedroom side 

bedroom side of the closet 

playroom side

bedroom side

final touches 

Just in case one more screw 

inside on the top level of the fort

view from the bottom

It's done !

You can see the bedroom from the playroom side 

somebody is moving in to the fort :)

Mustache Party

My older one turned 7 this year.That just made a big boy celebration for sure ! What can make you look even more mature then a Magnum mustache :)
So I've got some party favor :

cut the top of the paper cups 

I used a regular jar for drinking .It is durable and I have a lot's of them

Present waiting for the Birthday boy 

 yummy things made with honey

Art for kids-room and nursery

I love drawing sine I can remember .Even when I was suppose to be paying attention in the school ...I was drawing under the table :) Mostly hedgehogs , mushrooms...
Some of them are available on ETSY if you want to decorate your kiddos room with it too :)

Free printable paper toys

Honestly ..I am not a big fan of the toys that you can buy this days.(expect couple of ones that are actually cute and usable )  Also when we make toys together with my kids it is faaar from perfect or even looking good , somehow they love it even more than the store brought one .Not to mention when we are making something together this is when they have the most things to share with me :) What was in the school what he saw in his dreams etc... 
So as I was browsing trough the internet I find this treasure :) A page that it is offers printable fantastic toys for free !

I put them in to a binder if my boys wants to make something they just look trough it like a book 
Here is the link to this wonderful page: