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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Painting Polkadot Forest

I don't think I had a day without not saying at least once "polka dot" 
So here is a polka dot paint with an owl:

Nope! Not Photoshop :) Just shadow from the curtain but I thought it looked cool.

Lulu the hedgehog is giving you a mushroom :)

 Back to polka-dot :)

Yep I am eating pistachio :) 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Felt, garland, sunshine in the fall

I always loved felt so I started to craft with them again. My mom use to make beautiful things out of felt. I wish I could show you with pictures... She made puppets and all kind of things. She also used lots of beads to add finishing touches. I created this garland in this spirit and memory :)

  It was so sunny I had to push the table to the window so I could enjoy the last days of fall without rain :)

The play mobiles you see on the left corner? No I wasn't playing with them :) My little 4 years old was keep bringing them to me while he was talking with a speed of 1000 mile/minute.

It's done ! 

Do you remember the other two garland I made awhile ago ? click here and here
 I just blended them together 

It looks lovely on a wreath too ! 

  Happy felting ! :)


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ivy leaf garland

This garland can be made anytime it's the added detail what makes it different.Today a chose a red bird but it can be anything :) I can imagine this with mushroom or simply with gold bells around Christmas time. Wedding can be decorated, woodland birthday party, Baby shower with blue or pink ribbons on it .Ivy is available all year long and once you have it in your backyard you know you can't get rid of it .It is so simple to make it.I used a fishing string and needle to thread them .I fold the leaf in half so it wont tear easily .

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Boys bedroom 2 .

After I  finished  the mural from the playroom side, I started to make another one from the bedroom side :

mixing the colors :) 

and my little one is sticking with me to help out :)

and it's done: 

 from the loft 
this is what the boys see 

 I was able to find a cd with  a whole hour of birds chirping and I love it :)I am now looking for a cd with a cricket noise to match the lights :)

I am planning to make another mural or two in their room, and I think I'll be done ..for now...:):)

Mushroom painting

The fall is here and it's my favorite season to get inspired form colors .Here is a little painting I made yesterday night :)

  and I thought this little moving spider just goes with it :) He is getting ready for the fall too :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We have a very slender hall, and I have to keep taking everything off the wall because I have two growing boys who can't walk... just run.So there were a couple of head bangs in this rush. Since I finished two murals in the house already, I thought this would be the next wall so I don't have to deal with dropping picture frames and head injuries from the corner of the self .

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mural in the boys' bedroom

Once we got done big fort in the boys' room,, there was a big empty place on the wall.
After I painted on the laundry wall  I was ready to make a bigger one with more paint :) Off to the store with my little one get to the colors I needed.

Yeah I changed my pants and shirt but not because I've got paint on it... I've got chocolate all over it :D 

I am happy with the result I've got the colors I imagined and my boys loved it !
My hands are inching to paint the wall in the living room  :D   

Monday, September 9, 2013

Inspiration from the forest

Since I can remember I loved fern , mushroom and moss. So when we move to Oregon with my husband I felt I moved where I belong :) The place of the moss , fern, mushrooms and the most beautiful whimsical forest ..When we go for a hike I can't stop taking picture and it gives me so much inspiration in my painting :)