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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lately :)

Hello lovely people :)Here are my latest creations!  My inspirations are coming from colors, nature and from my boys. Mushrooms you just have to love them so obvious because it's red and have white polka dots on it and hedgehogs if you are following me I don't have to explain why they lovable because you just love them too:)
So this is me having fun  and making a mess:

 Mugs has been my dreams for a while. I wanted to have some for my boys and I thought I will take some to the German Market too.

And I wanted to have some mushroom necklaces with a vibrant color. I made more and it was sold out on the German  Market. It is so nice to share the same interest with people. 

Even the price tags had mushroom on it :)

Then I drew a 3D art 

and it made me think about making it into a framed 3D picture

And the forever love of garlands :) 

Followed by the mobiles made from felt and paper

I made some golden one, this was my little one's favorite but boy I should listen to my instinct when I touched this fabric. It was so hard to sew. 

Well there is more update to come so stay tuned :D 
Have a lovely day to you all!
xx Noemi

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