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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shows for the weekends

I had so much thing I wanted to post about this month but so little time :) I had a show last weekend and I will have more this weekend and the following one.I was framing all night to get ready and making fast trips to the printer company :) Here are some pictures about my last week :

framing till 1 clock, then everything turned blurry so I went to sleep :)


The German Market went so well it made me very giddy :)
I was really focused till 4 o'clock and then I brought the star what there were selling next to me...(can you blame me? :) It has a light inside even more beautiful then it looks on the picture.

So now as I am getting ready for the next show I am trying to come up with some display :)

And I picked up my cards too..

More pictures to come after the show :)

Happy Thanksgiving ! 

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