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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mushrooms and garlands

I love September .I love the warm orange colors with the brown .The warm sunshine and the fresh crispy mornings are just perfect !So today as I was at the local craft store I find something that made my heart skip...I find felt ! The colors and the texture was just so beautiful (  I can't say no to colors :) ) 

When I say this cute rolls immediately it was a fast decision it is going to be a garland !    

The other garland started with the mushrooms .I wanted to have a brown ,red color combo .So when I find on sale (99cents) 9 pieces of round shape cork I decided to make the project immediately :) From the cash register I run back to the other (last) package so I used all together 19 round shape of cork.

After the paintings was done I started to thread with a needle :

After I cut it in half I hung one on the wall and the other was hung from the ceiling to have  more 3 dimension feeling .And I added two little felted mushroom on the bottom :) 

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