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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mural in the laundry room

Painting on paper is safe...doing it on the wall khhhmm is permanent :) My mom use to paint on the wall all kinds of beautiful flowers and patterns .Getting inspiration and nerve from what I have seen from her I started to paint on the wall.I started with red color! I called my friend in the giggling voice : I have RED paint on the wall! Omg! She responded: Just do it! Do it! Do it! ...okaaay  so I went on with the painting and I was surprised it was actually doable ! Here are the pictures about the process :

  And then my boys started to leaking out to see what am I doing with the red paint and the wall :) They started to "help " me ..(panic panic panic...) So I rushed to get some paper for them to paint on :)

 After all we had so much fun :) 

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